At Covent Garden, naturally (wine and otherwise), Spanish red this week


Macatela, Spanish organic wine

Eatlikeagirl and I have been doing the Covent Garden  Real Food Market now for over a month and having a blast! This week we’ve branched out from Bisol Prosecco, as much as we love it, and gone on to biodynamic wines. Stands to reason since I do run a natural wine bar!

Niamh made slow roast shoulder of pork with spiced apple relish served in a homemade blaa  (no, not blah, it’s anything but!) served with rocket  – yummy!! FYI – blaa is a traditional Irish bread from Waterford. My task was to match a wine with the pork, what to match,what to match? I went with the Macatela 2006, a spanish red from Tierra de Castilla. We stock this wine in the bar as one of our house reds and it is a great value at £2.90 a glass.

We both managed to grab a sandwich and enjoy this juicy red. The Macatela is a blend of tempranillo, garnacha and a bit of cab sauv. for structure, aged 3 months in American oak to soften it up a bit. Totally organic but not, alas biodynamic, it’s still made with minimal intervention and no chemicals, harvested to the strictest procedures.

A lovely deep ruby in colour, fruity nose with hints of red berries and spice. Lovely bit of earthiness and spice on the palate, fresh cherries, a juicy wine with a toasty finish. It went quite well with the pork, a happy combo, a lively wine, racing around my palate, the cherries jumping out of the glass and around my tongue. Too bad I was working the stall but on the otherhand maybe it was a good thing because I could have just spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying this one!


me and the Mac(atela)


Available at Artisan and Vine

Retail: £8 in the A&V shop

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    • Funny you should ask. In a nutshell, biodynamic wines are several steps beyond organic. They use no chemicals, minimal intervention and the entire lifecycle of the vines is attuned to a holistic agricultural approach. I’ll be doing a post soon on biodynamic principles so keep your eyes peeled!

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