A trip round Courvoisier’s Architectural Punchbowl

Bompass & Parr have done it again. Food architects  and jellymongers extra-ordinaire, B&P have teamed up with Courvoisier for the Architectual Punchbowl. Inspired by Admiral Edward Russell, who created a punchbowl back in 1694 that you could row across, Bompass & Parr have created their very own punchbowl using over a tonne of Courvoisier Exclusif (created specifically for mixing in cocktails) to slake the thirst of over 25,000 people.

The theme was shabby chic, peeling wallpaper, half finished rooms, all hidden by a plastic red curtain. Behind the curtain wafted the strains of classical music and once in, there was the lake attended by either very skinny Oompa-Loompas or very young Good Humor Men, not sure which. Made my way to punchbowl side where I was offered the winning punchbowl Courvoisier entry by Joe McCanta of Saf. Afterwards, I unsteadily made my way to the quayside and had a quick float around the bowl. Despite my misgivings, I didn’t fall in!

Afterwards we repaired to the bar for our choice of Courvoisier cocktails. We had the Cognito, Courvoisier’s take on the mojito. Great fun and it’s not everyday you get to tool around a 4000 gallon punchbowl on a gigantic orange slice.

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