Guerilla Wine Tasting: A Guest Post from Gorilla

I’m so tired of wine being exclusive. I’m so bored of the London scene. Why can’t us Gorillas have some of the action?

I love wine and I think I understand it, so I sent a message out to fellow wine lovers.

“Join me by the river to explore and enjoy good wine.”

We had fun. We had wine. You saw what all happened…

Thanks to Casa Leal, Quinta de Lagoalva and Nicole Ruduss for all their help. And  lots of hugs and kisses for The Winesleuth and Eatlikeagirl for supporting me in my vinous quest.

You can read Eatlikeagirl’s post about the tasting here.

11 thoughts on “Guerilla Wine Tasting: A Guest Post from Gorilla

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    • Hee hee hee! Neither I nor Gorilla believe in dribbling wine – unless it’s the end of a long drinking session! 😉 Thanks for stopping by and Gorilla hopes you can make the next one!

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    • Well, we did have some naysayers but in general people loved the whole idea of “good wine being good fun”. And seeing as Gorilla really likes Portuguese wine, I’m sure she’ll be swilling Chamine real soon!

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