Bombshell red,Washington State wine

The London International Wine Fair is always so much fun because you never know what you’re going to find. Back when I lived in the States, I was familiar with Washington state wines. I knew they did aromatic whites such as riesling, pinot gris and other cool climate varietals but my general impression was of a state of wet coniferous forests, rugged coastline and Seattle. I had no idea where, exactly, they grew the grapes.

I visited the Wines of Washington state stand while I was at the fair and was pleasantly surprised to discover that Washington does not only some fabulous whites but also some very elegant and well balanced red wines. I came across Airfield Estates solely because the Bombshell Red, Vineyard Salute caught my eye. It’s retro 1940’s style lable, imitiating the mascots that were often painted on the nose of WWII bombers was a definite attention getter. Airfield Estates is located inland in the very dry Yakima Valley and varietals such as syrah, cabernet, merlot and cabernet franc have settled in quite nicely there.

I had a quick tasting with the importer of Vineyard Salute, Sheryl Janosky of Janosky & Strenge at the fair. Click to find out more about the wine and it’s history.

9 thoughts on “Bombshell red,Washington State wine

  1. Denise—
    I fell in LOVE with Walla Walla—the Syrahs! the bordeaux blends! the wonderful people! The geologically complex and stunning AVA! The proximity to Portland and its delish Pinot Noir! When you come out this way, let’s plan a road trip!!!!!

    • Hey Liz,
      Totallly! I made some great Washington state friends at the LIWF and would love to take a road trip up there. Hopefully, I’ll be getting back to the States soon and we so have to do a road trip, even if it’s just to Sonoma! 🙂

    • Great to hear! I had never heard of them before the LIWF. I’m disappointed that I can’t get to the Winebloggers Conf in Walla Walla this year but Washington State is certainly one place I have to visit the next time I’m home. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

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    • Yes, I forgot to mention what a terrific cameraman you are, Douglas! Honestly, it was very well shot, you are wasted only writing blog posts. When will we see you behind the camera again? 😉

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