Podcast – Champagne (mostly) and a bit of Paris…

The Winesleuth is venturing into the world of podcasting. This is my first effort and I’m still learning how to use everything so bear with me, they will get a bit more polished as time goes by.

The aim of this podcast is not necessarily to be educational, although, if you do learn something, that’s great! This is basically a chat show about wine. I get to talk to so many interesting people everyday and thought, I really should record this stuff. It’s not “irreverant” (which seems to be all the rage in wine shows nowadays) nor dry as dust (I hope) just people with a passion for and about wine, talking about it. Whether they’re winemakers, producers, sommeliers, etc. if I’ve met them, you’re bound to find them on this podcast.

Click on this link for the podcast…. Champagne(mostly) with The Winesleuth

Estelle Touzet

Estelle Touzet, Chef Sommelier, Le Meurice, Paris

Pompadour Salon, Le Meurice

Pompadour Salon, Le Meurice

Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave, Dom Perignon

Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave, Dom Perignon

In this podcast, The Winesleuth chats with the Head Sommelier of Le Meurice in Paris, Estelle Touzet, about Le Meurice’s food and wine matching event, Nocturnes, talks about the recent declaration of the 2003 DP vintage with Chef de Cave of Dom Perignon, Richard Geoffroy and goes to Champagne to visit the growers champagne, Champagne Tarlant, where I get to drink with one of the 12th generation of Tarlants, Melanie.

The Tarlants

Sister and Brother, Melanie and Benoit Tarlant

Tarlant champagne tasting in the snow

Tarlant champagne tasting in the snow

Comments? Questions? Leave me a comment in the comments section. 

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