Podcast with Tamra Washington, Chief Winemaker of Yealands Estate

Yealands Estate whites, just chillin'

Yealands Estate whites, just chillin’

New Zealand winery, Yealands Estate recently won a slew of awards at the International Wine Challenge 2012 (The International Sauvignon Blanc Award, The James Rogers Award and the Marlborough White Wine Award), pretty impressive for a winery that only produced its first wines in 2008.

Tamra Instagrammed

Tamra Instagrammed

Their chief winemaker, Tamra Washington was in town to collect the awards and on a European tour to promote their wines. I had dinner with Tamra in Brixton at Upstairs where I had the opportunity to ask Tamra about her awards, where she things New Zealand sauvignon blanc is going in the future and about the exciting possibilities that Yealands has with a block of pinot noir she discovered in Otago.

Click on the link below to hear the podcast:

Tamra Washington, Chief Winemaker of Yealands Estate, New Zealand.

The Winesleuth and Tamra

The Winesleuth and Tamra, after that pinot!

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